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Woodmere Avenue restrictions gets replaced after thousands of car crashes

NOTICE: Woodmere Avenue is closed from general traffic from 15th August 2022 until the end of the month.

Access is closed between A41 Colne Way and Bushey Mill Lane.

During this time, major alterations are being made to the width restrictions after Ten years of campaigning by residents and councillors.

New taller yellow posts. Photo credit @WatfordLondon

Four New longer Yellow cylindrical shape posts replace the six old square posts.

A new dopped kerb which many claimed to aid cars ramping up vehicles returns directly infront of the first post.

Engineers on site stated that the posts are now behind the kerb line which will limit vehicles coming into contant with the posts.

Special permission had to be sought from government to be used in Watford to allow new camera technology will replace the old.

But Ringway say they have no knowledge of Cameras being installed. Maybe this will come later.

This hotspot was highlighted on a new Facebook group setup by a resident who was sick of the noise and debris outside his house. The groups videos went viral appearing on main news channels around the world.


They road, including the speed humps, will be resurfaced along its full length.

Bus services which normally use this route will be diverted down to J5 M1 and then along the Link Road, along Radlett Road, onto Bushey Mill Lane.

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