Wondered where these Microlight Aircraft are coming from?

Wondered where these Microlight Aircraft are coming from?

12 June 2021 0 By Watford

On Social Media there has been posts of these vehicles passing over residents homes.

Some have even been seen passing over the Fantastic Beasts and other film sets at Warner Bros Studios in Leavesden near London.

DeltaJet 500 StingRay flexwing

Those aircraft are coming from the Chiswell Green area in St Albans. We tracked them down to a small airfield, the nearest Microlight School for North London,

A Flexwing, Lined up and ready to take off at Plaistows Airfield in Hertfordshire

These aircraft are based on hand gliders but have a trike unit base instead. More commonly made of carbon fibre. These are restricted to 2 seats, and weigh around 265kg.

Types of Aircraft that are flown from this location.

  • Flex wing (weight shift). which is two axis.
  • Fixed wing which is three axis
  • Skyranger Nynja and Evektor Eurostar

Can you fly them? Yes, but you need lessons to gain a license. Or you can have a Trial Flight, known as a microlight experience.

We spoke to Eddie, on of the Flight Instructors for Exodus Airsports.

spectators are most welcome to come along to the airfield to watch the take off and landing. While the flight is taking place, tea, coffee, and soft drinks are available.