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Window Cleaner dupes woman warns others

A Woman who was threatened to pay window cleaner she hadn’t asked for alerts others to be aware.

Posing on social media, she warns others about a window cleaner who bullied her into handing over money.

She said “He was cleaning one of my windows, when I questioned why he said he had the wrong house by mistake and left.”

The next day he came back demanding to be paid, saying I should have corrected his mistake before it started.

He then covered to rest of her windows with soap and aggressively said “he would not leave until she paid him, or he would leave them like this.

The woman who felt intimidated then paid him to for fear on the situation escalating out of control.

She reported the matter to police, a warns others if they see this van around please be aware of these methods, and hopefully no-one else will fall vulnerable to this.

The Dispatch van with registration plate CN69 EHU and Telephone number 07455345533.

The incident occurred in North Watford.

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