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The ever growing need to hold police and other Security firms to account for abusing their power that could make them unfit for purpose.

Thd police have no authority to stop photographers filming in public. They were advised of this in an ACPO Guidance letter in 2010, but it appears tyrants still exist and breach other unlawful acts. NPCC guidance.

The police have no power to delete or confiscate footage.

Watford PCSO Asks man To Delete That Video – Jan22

Female PCSO Accosts Me And Says “You’re Not Allowed To Film” – Sep21

Others Auditors

mat12128 – In a public place, fishing for a policeman who is looking for a problem where there isn’t one, a police man who is inclined to abuse their fellow countrymen in any way they can, twisting laws to find an excuse to arrest this guy to get one up on him and teach him a lesson.

Sergeant Assaults photographer to delete incriminating video evidence

Injured by Tyrant Sergeant.

I fell victim in 2010, to a tyrant sergeant who is still working for Herts Police in 2022.

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