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The moment a Car Somersaults at Crazy Woodmere Width Restrictions Bollards

This is the latest shocking accident to be caught on camera at the disastrous width restrictions in Watford.

One car drives through followed by another which hits one of the bollards and is tossed into the air and overturns.

Footage shows the car being cartwheeled into the air.

Locals came to rescue the driver from the car. They lift the door and the driver climbs up and out to safety.

The driver climbs out unhurt but in shock.
view from second camera

A group attempted to roll the car back onto its wheels.

This is unsafe and yet the local and county council still allow it, even though at least six rightoffs per month.

HCC woodmere

On September 21, 2021, council officers visited the location to discuss concerns.

Cllr Cavinder says does not believe the current width restriction work, and suggests the width restriction is taken away and cameras are installed instead to stop prohibited larger vehicles from using the road.  The Vigor’s are also keen to see cameras instead.

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