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Paper mill fire: Salvage team committed to preserving history

Staff and volunteers have begun work on salvaging the collection of historical artefacts.

The Frogmore papermill said in a post “it has been a challenging week for everyone at Frogmore Paper Mill following the fire on our site last weekend.”

“it is likely that our visitor centre is damaged beyond repair.”

Inside the visitor centre heavily fire damaged. (Pic twitter/FrogmoreMill)

The staff and volunteers have been hard at work assessing the damage and working to salvage their collection.

Firefighters removed some of the most significant objects. (Pic twitter/FrogmoreMill)

The area most affected was our exhibition space, meaning a significant amount of irreplaceable historical artefacts have been lost. Firefighters oversaw the removal of the most significant objects, including the original 1624 bill of sale from Nash Mills.

We’re continuing to salvage items from the building, where it is safe to do so.

Items have been sent to be professionally assessed and restored, if possible.

We remain committed to preserving the history of paper making in Apsley and the Gade Valley.

Thank you for the support and well wishes we’ve received from our friends and the local community.

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