The BBC has started airing saucy period drama Harlots, with a double bill on BBC Two and iPlayer from Wednesday, August 5 at 9pm.

The series originally broadcast back in 2017 on ITV’s platform ITV Encore while it was broadcast on Hulu in America.

Harlots, tells the stories of a number of Georgian sex workers, which took place in 1760s London.

Where is Harlots filmed?

Harlots was filmed primarily at Langleybury Mansion in Kings Langley, near Watford,  plus other various locations across the UK, particularly in Kent.


Harlots Filmed at Langleybury Mansion Kings Langley
Langleybury Mansion Kings Langley, had the right combination of dilapidation and grandeur to serve as many different locations for the show. [pic: WatfordLondon]

The history of Langleybury Mansion dates as far back as 1720 when the previous house on the site was demolished to make way for the current manor which was built by Georgian judge and politician Robert Raymond.

The ownership Langleybury Mansion was passed between several families and notable barons until 1947 when the house was sold to Hertfordshire County Council and converted into a school and in 1953 it was designated as a Grade II listed building.

Langleybury School which is adjacent was closed in 1996 and then the house was used as a filming location for a number of productions in the decades since while the grounds and some outbuildings are also used as an airsoft venue.

Notable productions include 1999’s Hope and Glory, 2007’s St Trinian’s, 2013’s Diana, 2015’s In the Heart of the Sea and BBC comedy Inside No 9 have all filmed at Langleybury Mansion.

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Harlots first aired back in 2017 (Image: BBC)


Executive producer Nаncy Cаrpenter told the Rаdio Times: “Well, it wаs quite а chаllenge, finding somewhere where we could shoot аll this stuff, becаuse you аre going from St Jаmes’s type houses to Covent Gаrden to Nаncy’s little hovel, аnd there аre limits to where you cаn find [аll thаt].”

Some of the downstairs rooms, which retained their impressive look stood on for Lady Lydia’s apartments.

While the more rundown rooms on the upper floors were used to shoot scenes involving Margaret’s girls.

The crew also recreated parts of central London in other parts of the estate which sees the characters going for jaunts down the streets.

The other main location listed for the series’ production was Chiswick House in the Chiswick area of London.

available to watch live through BBC iPlayer

Harlots is set in Georgian London both in Covent Garden and Soho (Image: BBC)
Harlots is set in Georgian London both in Covent Garden and Soho (Image: BBC)

Soho, where the sex industry was starting to move to during this period, plays a key role in the series as Covent Garden becoming less of a red-light district.

No, it is not possible to see the mansion as the entrance is now secured with security gates.