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A woman had her car windscreen smashed in a possible targeted attack.

Her details happen to be one of those leaked in an email sent out to thousands of people by WCHT.

This morning a photo was posted of the damage showing round holes and shattered windscreen, with the comment “Look what l come outside to.

It turns out her name is one of the 3545 tenants whose personal details were leaked in a data breach by the local Community Housing last week.

The woman says she has no idea why this happened and is now worried not knowing who or why they have done it and if they will come back and do something else.

“my Dad is 84 and has severe COPD and depends on me for shopping and medication.” and he has to stay home during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Her husband has CCTV which was set to record when movement is detected but somehow did not catch the culprit in action to the incident which happened at around 11pm last night in North Watford.

He has now set the cameras to constant recording.

Police have been notified Crime Reference 41/27290/20 if anyone has witnessed or information Please contact Investigation Management Unit (IMU) Tel 01707 354470 or email imu@herts.pnn.police.uk

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