Watfordfc Fans Pay Tributes To Graham Taylor at Vicarage Road Football Stadium

Watfordfc Fans laid flowers, scarves and club shirts at Football Stadium

Today's game will be Watford playing Middlesbrough at Vicarage Road


Feb 1st - A thousand fan attend the Funeral


Fans have been showing respect for the late Graham Taylor who was the chairman for Watford FC. They laid flowers, scarves and club shirts.


Ted Waterman and JACQUI Tamplin who used to live in Bushey travelled up from Kettering with a banner in tribute to WatfordFC's greatest manager.

Ted waterman and JACQUI tamplin travelled up from KetteringBanner in tribute to Graham Taylor. Photo by Wayne
Ted waterman and JACQUI tamplin travelled up from KetteringFamilies left flowers . Photo by Wayne


Ted Waterman and Jacqui Tamplin who used to live in Bushey, also signed the book of condolences.

Ted waterman and JACQUI tamplin also signed the book of condolences.Ted Waterman and JACQUI Tamplin sign the book of condolencess. photo by Wayne


Ted remembers when Graham Taylor gave an entertainment cabinet from his house, to the Balmoral Centre, a mental health charity that he used to work for.


Graham Taylor, who passed away on monday aged 72, is widely regarded as Watford's greatest ever manager, of which was the title of a special programme cover.


Jaqui says "I always saw him at reserve games with Elton John."

If he saw you he would always smile or give a little wave I was about 4 then.

Then in 1981 my brother Scott had a big operation and his head was bandaged up.

I think I was about 8 and Scott was 6 we were waiting to go in the ground and Graham Taylor arrived. He saw my brother and stopped his car, got out and spoke to Scott for over 10 minutes.

The stewards were trying to move him on as the away coaches were trying to park but Graham wouldn't be rushed!

He was so lovely and I think from memory his nephew had had a similar operation. It was a memory as a family we never forgot this act of kindness.

Years later at every open day he always acted as if he remembered you personally whether he did or didn't -made me feel like he did.

He was a wonderful man and I'm heartbroken. I hope he knew how much we all loved him and I hope his family felt that love yesterday.



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