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Watford Water Supply

On Tuesday homes in Watford were affected with their water supply.

This morning Infinity water issued an Update:
Thank you for your patience last night. Your supply returned early hours. You should now have normal pressure. If you cant get water this will be because air will have got into your system, this is easily fixed, we have engineers in the area to help you. If your water is cloudy it is nothing to worry about and here is a short video that explains what to do.

Discoloured or aerated water

Discoloured or ‘milky’ water

If you fill a glass of water and it has a milky or cloudy appearance, this is nothing to be concerned about. This is due to lots of tiny air bubbles in the water which make it appear white.

To test if this is air, fill up a glass of water and leave it to stand. The water should clear from the bottom up.

  • Air in the water is not harmful and will usually stop, if you run a tap for a couple of minutes. There may have been a burst water main in the area causing air to be trapped in the water.
  • Sometimes a leaking tap washer can cause cloudy water. You may hear a whistling sound when you turn the tap on, that will be the air. All you will need to do is replace your tap washer.

Discoloured or brown water

If you notice your water is discoloured, first check with your neighbours.

We may have had a burst water main in your area which can stir up sediment from cast iron mains. If you are an Affinity Water customer, look on our website to see if there have been any incidents in your area.

  • Running the taps will help flush discoloured water through the system.
  • Do not use washing machines while the water is discoloured as it may cause staining to your clothes.
  • Discolouration can also be caused by your internal plumbing.
  • If your water is discoloured first thing in the morning but then runs clear, this can be something to do with your water supply pipe which is your responsibility to maintain.

If any of these problem persist or you are unsure, you can always contact us.



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