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Watford local election results as Lib Dem county councillors keep control

Watford Residents of 12 wards have voted in polling stations across the town on Thursday 6 May for councilors to represent them.

Elections were announced at Watford Colosseum on Saturday by the Returning Officer, Watford Borough Council’s Managing Director, Donna Nolan.

The councillors elected this year for Watford Borough Council are as follows:

  • Callowland: Cllr Dennis Watling (LAB – HOLD)
  • Central:Cllr Marilyn Devonish (LD – HOLD)
  • Holywell:Cllr Nigel Bell (LAB – HOLD)
  • Leggatts: Cllr Richard Smith (LAB – HOLD)
  • Meriden: Cllr Peter Hannon (LD – HOLD)
  • Nascot: Cllr Mark Watkin, Cllr Tom Osborn (LD – HOLD)
  • Oxhey: Cllr  Clarke-Taylor (LD – HOLD)
  • Park: Cllr Peter Jeffree (LD – HOLD)
  • Stanborough: Cllr Simon Feldman (LD – HOLD)
  • Tudor: Cllr Darren Walford (LD – HOLD)
  • Vicarage: Cllr Sara Jane Trebar (LAB – HOLD)
  • Woodside: Cllr Ann Saffery (LD – HOLD)

and at Hertfordshire County Council are as follows:

  • Central Watford and Oxhey: Cllr Stephen Giles Medhurst (LD – HOLD)
  • Meriden/Tudor: Stephen Cavinder (LD – HOLD)
  • Nascot: Cllr Mark Watkin (LD – HOLD)
  • North Watford: Cllr Asif Khan (LAB – HOLD)
  • Stanborough/Woodside: Cllr Tim Williams (LD – HOLD)
  • West Watford: Cllr Nigel Bell (LAB – HOLD) 
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