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As fitness clubs prepare for re-opening on 12th April, many fitness fanatics are feeling cautious about getting back into the gym.

The idea of sweating amongst others in an air conditioned studio may bring on the fear factor for some, though Village Health & Wellness Clubs are leading the way, with cutting-edge safety measures in place to ensure their members get their workouts done safely.


The gym floor at all 31 Village clubs offers the protection of a spacious environment for adequate social distancing. With more perspex safety screens installed than any other health club, you’ll be able to hit the treadmill or get your spin on in safety.

Village Health & Wellness Club have invested in powerful cleaning measures, using Electrostatic technology to keep all high-touch areas fully disinfected. Plus, the team have spent their lockdown time undergoing extensive COVID safety training, covering hygiene, fitness class instruction and personal training.


All members have access to a real-time capacity checker via the Village Gym app, allowing you to see just how busy your club is before you head on over for your workout.

National Fitness Manager, Ben Edwards says “The feedback we’ve received has been impressive, with many members who had previously felt nervous about coming back to club, now ready to do so with the reassurance that we are taking social distancing seriously.”

In Europe so far, no major outbreak has been linked to gyms, pools or other indoor sport venues, which are all subject to heightened hygiene and distancing guidelines. The fact that those countries who have allowed gyms to reopen have reported no increase in Coronavirus infections, suggests that getting back to the gym is perfectly safe.

Rather than adding to the spread of COVID-19, gyms actually play a vital role in helping keep your immune system strong and able to protect against infection. So there’s no need to fear your fondness for fitness.

Village Gym have heavily invested in safety measures prior to re-opening, including:

  • More protective screens than any other UK health club.
  • A redesigned gym floor to space out cardio and resistance kit.
  • Floor markings in weight areas and class studios to help keep a safe distance. 
  • Electrostatic cleaning technology to keep all kit disinfected regularly.
  • A new, easy to use booking system to control usage levels in the pool and class studios.
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