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Leaders from around the world gathered in Glasgow for COP26

Around 120 world leaders and thousands of delegates are attending the COP26 climate talks in Glasgow, Scotland, following the G20 leaders’ summit in Rome, Italy.

They have come together to make clear their commitment to tackle climate change and signal ambition for the summit.

A report published by the UN in August, called a “code red for humanity,”

1:13pm Sir David Attenborough


1pm: Prince of Wales calls for everyone to pull in the same direction. 

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Boris Johnson begins by welcoming everybody to COP and Glasgow.

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Sadiq Khan on Monday said he was “optimistic and confident” the expansion of the ultra-low emission zone had proved a success and other world cities were interested in introducing similar measures.

Tune in Live for he COP26 Opening Ceremony will start from 12:00 GMT 📺

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