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Renewable Heat Incentive

The RHI is a government scheme to support renewable heating systems like heat pumps and wood boilers.

If you install a system that meets all the scheme requirements, you can be paid for every unit of renewable heat you produce for a number of years.

There are two RHI schemes – the domestic RHI is for households with a renewable heating system just for the one home.

What type of heating system can I claim for?

The domestic RHI can support five technologies:

There are lots of rules about what you can and can’t fit for each technology. You can find all the information you need below.


You will have to use a Microgeneration Certification Scheme installer to fit the system, and they should be able to advise on all the other requirements.


How much money can I get?

The domestic RHI pays an amount (the tariff) for every unit of renewable heat you are considered to generate, for the first seven years from the date you apply.

The tariffs are published on the Ofgem site. The amount you generate is usually worked out from the energy requirements of your home, though sometimes it is measured directly by a heat meter.

You can get an estimate of the payments you could receive by using the tool below:


How do I apply?

First you need to install a system that meets all the requirements of the scheme. Ask your installer to confirm that the system is eligible before they start work.

You can then apply online below.



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