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Range Rover Stolen from Watford could be same thieves

Vile thieves stole a Range Rover from Watford that had 7yr young boy’s school books inside.

The car pinged is last location as ilford, which is one of the thieves lives on a previous article last month.

The car (dark grey Range Rover Sport) was stolen from a driveway in North Watford, WD25 on 16.7.2021 at approx 1.30am.

The owner said “As sad as I am about the car, my 7 year old sons years worth of school books were inside.” They were wrapped up in an Arsenal pillow case as he’d brought them home that day.

The books are irreplaceable and may have been dumped. If anyone has information I’d be so grateful.

The car is a keyless  entry type and criminal gangs go out at night.  The owner commented the keys were away near back of the house, and has since been told by an auto expert that thieves do not even need this now.

Watfordlondon is awaiting crime reference number.


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