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Police Cordon off Queens Road and Man Arrested after incident

Update 31st Aug: Police have confirmed a 33-yr-old man was arrested after a domestic indent that resulted in road being closed for hours, and required forensics there until sometime later on Sunday evening.

Not much information has been relased by the force, but have said the man and women are known to each other.   The man is in custody.

On Sunday the police cordoned off Queens Road, it was shut at the junction with Orphanage Road with the traffic lights.

Reports from locals that an injured person who was possibly stabbed was taken on a stretcher near a newsagents in Queens Road into an ambulance just before 3.15pm.   One local said police had also gone into a house around the corner where it is believed the injured man lived.

Police forensics remained at the scene into the evening.

Police near shop and Emergncy medical Bag.

Inside the shop, forensics officer are now investigating.  Officers were also seen down the side car park. 

crime scene investigation
Investigating officers at the scene of incident.

Five Police Cars, Crime Squad car, and Ambulance but another left just as we arrived before 4pm.

Police vehicles, an ambulance commander vehicle. Two cordons are in place stretching across the street.


medical bag
Emergency medical Bag appears unused.

police car,

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