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Prince Charles checks out the new Formula-E McLaren car

On Day 3 of COP26 the Prince of Wales had the chance to view the new Formula-E McLaren car.

Formula-E is the electric version of the F1 motorsport, and McLaren’s new car which has been hand-painted and features the four biomes in which Extreme E races: artic, desert, amazon and ocean.

The livery even includes the names of the initial signatories of McLaren’s Extreme E ‘Count Us In’ pledge page. ‘Count Us In’ is a pledge, prominent at COP26, aiming to bring together people, businesses and government to protect what they love, sign the pledge and take one or more of 16 suggested steps to reduce carbon footprint.

44 companies have been awarded the Terra Carta Seal across a variety of industries and countries who have committed themselves to accelerated action towards sustainability over the decade to 2030.

Awards were presented by the prince at the inaugural Terra Carta Seal Awards, which recognises the work of global companies driving innovation and demonstrating their commitment to the creation of genuinely sustainable markets.

Charles made a speech , “The Terra Carta Seal uniquely acknowledges that each industry faces its own particular challenges in its transition to a sustainable future and they are all at different stages of their journey. Here, all industries and all companies must be supported as they take the critical steps required to move in a more positive direction.”

The Prince visited the Stella McCartney fashion installation at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery. The exhibition is encouraging the world to discover and participate in creating a better, bolder fashion industry by exploring next-generation materials.



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