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The 5 November event will see Trafalgar Square in Westminster become the centre of attention, inspired by Guy Fawkes and the mask made famous by the cult movie “V for Vendetta”.

Most recently, it launched a number of denial of service (DoS) cyberattacks against pro-Spain government websites as part of a hacking campaign in support of Catalonia’s bid for independence.

Last year, the Met Police imposed strict rules on the movement, including a 9pm curfew.

Failure to comply would result in “arrest and prosecution”, law enforcement warned at the time.

On the night, police detained 53 people – mostly for drugs, weapons offences and criminal damage.

The group said it was protesting against “abuses and malpractice of this government”, the “pushes to make the internet yet another part of the surveillance state” and the British government’s alleged “disregard for migrants, for the poor, the elderly and the disabled.”

It added: “We invite all the activists, the workers, the students, all doctors, nurses and all those that want to see a positive change in the world, to join us.”


Chief Superintendent Elaine Van-Orden, said: “We police hundreds of public events and demonstrations in Central London every year and we always facilitate peaceful protest. To help prevent serious disorder and disruption to Londoners, conditions have been imposed on the event under the Public Order Act.

Any static assembly held can only take place at the following locations:

– Trafalgar Square.
– In the barriered area on the East Footway of Whitehall, opposite Downing Street (known as Richmond Terrace).
– In the area in the centre of Parliament Square (known as Parliament Square Gardens).
– Any assembly held at any of these three locations will start no earlier than 18:00hrs and conclude no later than 21:00hrs.
Details of the conditions imposed under Section 12 Public Order Act 1986:

– The march will commence from Trafalgar Square and must stay within the area bounded by Trafalgar Square, Northumberland Avenue, Victoria Embankment, Bridge Street, Parliament Square, Parliament Street, Whitehall, St. Margaret’s Street, Abingdon Street and Millbank (up to the junction with Great Peter Street).

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– The march must not commence before 18:00hrs.
– The march must not continue after 21:00hrs.
– The participants must follow the directions of a constable even if the route is varied.
– There will be no motor-vehicles as part of the procession.
– Any person in breach of these conditions is liable to be arrested.


Why I Will Be Joining The Million Mask March On 5th November

Anonymous will once again take to the streets, and I for one will stand along side them.

I am not a thug, I am a mother and a community worker.

I will march because I know mankind can do so much better than we do. I will march for people to have a quality of life beyond work, to save my kids from crippling debt for just an education, for the tens of thousands of sick and disabled who have died in the name of austerity, for those thousands now facing extreme poverty and homelessness, for those we have destroyed and displaced by meaningless yet profitable wars, for our beautiful planet raped for its resources and dying in front of our eyes, for our NHS, for justice, information and freedom for all and mostly for me: for this is my one life and everything about it is so wrong at the moment. In my heart I know we can do so much better.

We are more than just cattle who keep the cogs of capitalism grinding, we are beautiful creative beings capable of great things.

I march in hopes of change, to stick my fingers up to those who scrounge of the backs of the working men and destroy unity for their own ends.

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