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Facebook users today were shocked to see a reply on facebook post about knife crime.

A user Anaib Mohammad started to call London a “Shit Hole”, he then went on to say “London must be blown up”


Users of the social site were complaining that the post his comments should be removed, and banned.  

The poster’s profile says he is from Watford, and works at Fortel.

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Fortel say he is not currently employed with them

Fortel says “We have recieved calls to let us know a potential employer is posting comments like that.”

He is not currently on our books but will help police if they need any information.


Anaib goes on to say “you scum of the earth”

This comment comes just one day after news ofcom vowe to help keep social media a sage place

Users reported the post and it has now been removed.

One user replied “If you don’t like London fuck off out of it then..you call this country a shithole when you don’t get your own way but when you’re handed everything on a fucking plate like a house a job and benefits and health care then it’s the greatest country in the world..this country doesn’t owe you a living..how’s about you fuck off and keep your terrorist bullshit to yourself..”

It is unsure if this man is a Lone Wolf or Jihadi and hope to find out if he is on the police watch list.

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