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Live: Armed police Second day standoff with Father & Son in Coventry house

Armed Police cordoned off house in Coventry since early on Sunday amid concerns for the welfare of a man and his eight-year-old son.

the man has been refusing to come out of the property and a stand-off involving armed police in the Earlsdon area of the city.



A stretch of the street between Kensington Road and the Earlsdon roundabout remains closed in addition to the adjoining Newcombe Road. Earlsdon Primary School, which stands within the cordon, was closed to pupils on Monday.

One resident, who lives 10 doors down from the property, told Sky News around 20 armed police arrived at the scene at 8am on Monday morning.

Kate, a mother who lives on Newcombe Road, described the heavy police presence as “unsettling, especially when you’ve got two kids in the house”.

Earlsdon Primary School was shut “in order to keep everybody safe”, said deputy head teacher Rebecca Bollands.

“This is a really tough day and we’re hoping that we can reopen to children as soon as we can,” she added.

An information and rest centre for residents affected by the closures has been set up in the nearby Earlsdon Community Library.

Temporary accommodation would also be arranged for anyone unable to enter their homes because of the police cordon, said Coventry City Council.

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