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Not so ‘Legal high’ nitrous oxide use discovered in Leavesden park

Not so ‘Legal high’ nitrous oxide discovered in park where children playPhoto by Wayne

The remains of ‘legal high’ use has been discovered in a Leavesden park today, Evidence of abuse of legal highs is repeatedly being found near a children’s play area in Leavesden and surrounding areas.




Nitrous oxide - also known as ‘laughing gas’ - is a chemical gas being used increasingly as a cheap and recreational drug. Prolonged use of nitrous oxide causes significant loss of vitamin B12, causing brain and nerve damage.


The remains of ‘legal high’ use was discovered in a Leavesden park today, as evidence emerges of increasing use in the county.


Dicsovered in the morning, where children play and dog owners walk their dogs.


People out with young children comment it is good they are illegal as young people might think laughing gas drugs are ok, and be a gateway for them to try others. "It is not good that these have been left around with curious children around"


Originally found scattered around 3 benches, and in undergrowth, had been put into a delivery box that is probably what they had been delivered in.

A small number of catridges had also been found in the parks general refuse bin.

Park ranger Damien Weller that it was a common occurrence.


Cllr Martin Brooks said: "H was amazed and deeply saddened by not only the amount of these Nitrous Oxide canisters and balloons discovered, but to learn this is not an uncommon occurrence for staff to find them in other locations throughout the park after a weekend."


Experts say “With using nitrous the main issue is that you are starving your brain of oxygen. That can lead you to passing out, and if it’s mixed with alcohol that can lead to a whole range of risks from accidents."


This is only a few miles from East Lane where a War Shelter had been used as a hangout for drug use. Click for more.


Three Rivers distric councillor Martin Brooks, who is also the chairman of the Leavesden Hospital History Association said: “It is worrying that we still have local young people placing their health at risk by using these dangerous and deadly chemical substances".


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