cops patrol grove fenced
The London Bridge Attack highlights one of the reasons security is being taken very seriously ahead of NATO and Trump visit.
The other reason is that Climate Protestors are rumored to turn up, and like last time President Donald Trumo came to the uk, there was anti-trump protestors at Chequers in Buckinghamshire.   They believe he should be banned.
cops patrol grove 1
The Hotel in Chandlers Cross in Hertfordshire, where the world leaders are meeting on the 4th
biker cops
Multiple Biker patrols police the main roads in and out.
Police have started patrols around the Grove, though it seems it could be getting familiar to the route, ready for the 3rd and 4th.   Illuminated signs around the area alert drives to delays due to road closures. 

cops patrol grove fenced
Heavy Security Entry points.

High fences have gone up along Langleybury Lane, and a secure entry points at two locations.
On Saturday Two Apache Helicopters were seen leading the way for 3 or 4 Chinook Helicopters.  Locals say the noise was thunderous.

They flew around the neighboring area which is residential to thousands in Norht Watford, and west Watford.

The White House said in a statement on its website: “President Trump looks forward to meeting with the other NATO Heads of State and government to review the Alliance’s unprecedented progress on burden-sharing, including adding more than $100 billion in new defence spending since 2016.

“The President will also emphasize the need for the NATO Alliance to ensure its readiness for the threats of tomorrow, including those emanating from cyberspace, those affecting our critical infrastructure and telecommunications networks, and those posed by terrorism.”

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