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A police officer who had sex with a vulnerable victim of crime while on duty has been jailed for 15 months.  Has also been sacked by the force.

PC Nicholas Musto, 51, met the woman, referred to as Miss A at a misconduct hearing, when he investigated a report of harassment she made in April 2007.

Hertfordshire Police interviewed Musto in 2013 but he denied any relationship.

At the hearing on 20 September 2020 the Panel at the misconduct hearing decided Musto’s behaviour amounted to a breach of honesty and integrity and of the Police standards expected of Officers.  Musto was dismissed without notice.

Musto has also caught on camera dishing out police Brutality with two other road traffic officers.  Then lying and corruption statements engineered to coverup.

Crimebodge is the alternative to the tv series caught on camera.   But instead of showing upnthe public, focuses on those are supposed to be lawful.

Abuse of power and abuse of citizens is still going on.
A 50yr man who was kidnapped and caused to receive his first ever CCJ because of bent cops lying.
Police complaints and damage limitation and played similar tricks to avoid being held accountable.

Chief Constable Charlie Hall said at the police HQ hearing in Welwyn Garden City that Musto, of Hunstanton, Norfolk, was “not being truthful”.

Musto admitted misconduct in a public office and was jailed for 15 months at Peterborough Crown Court in July but remained a Hertfordshire Police officer.

He waived his rights to attend or be represented at the misconduct hearing on Monday.

Mr Hall said Musto’s behaviour amounted to a breach of honesty and integrity, and of standards expected of police officers.

He had behaved with discreditable conduct which was “so serious as to amount to gross misconduct”.

He had “utterly betrayed the trust placed in… a police officer”, and was dismissed without notice.

Peterborough Crown Court in July heard the woman had “significant mental health vulnerabilities”