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Heavy Rain Thunderstorms caused Flooding in Watford with more predicted by the Met Office

Heavy Rain Thunderstorms caused Flooding on the North Wester Avenue A41 road  with more predicted across London and East Anglia by the Met Office.

Thunder bellowed across the sky and soon the rain comes pouring down.

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As of 9:15 pm some lightning and thunder

This afternoon at 2pm Vehicles get confronted by flooding on the roads of North West London A41. Big splashes spray rainwater into the air.

On Thursday Morning the A41 underpass had to be closed after a Car Crash in the Flooded road. 5 Years ago this was supposed to be fixed by Herts County Council.

Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) have a duty to ensure that the publicly maintained highways are in a safe and usable condition with Long term solutions and preventions of flooding include the use of kerbs, gullies, pipes, and resurfacing roads to prevent standing water.
Thunderstorm warnings have been issued across large parts of the UK during today and Thursday.

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