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Game of Thrones Film Set revealed after ugly Air Wall replaced by Warner Bros UK

The original airwall which was a bit of an eyesore was then initially replaced with a massive Blue screen, but has reverted back to shipping containers, this time a more natural green colour appearing almost virtually invisible and more friendly on the eyes.  

Also with it being lower than previously, gives lucky locals a peek at some of the awesome creations created by skilled scenery engineers at the Leavesden Studios.

What can be seen is the top part of a large black ship for the Game of Thrones: The House of The Dragon film set.  Just a few days ago saw the release of its first ‘HOTD trailer‘. 

FB IMG 1633466106724

The series is projected to hit HBOmax screens in 2022. HBOmax has also announced they are launching in seven additional countries in 2022: Turkey, Greece, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania and the Netherlands.

To the right of the image is another excellent construction of a Castle Film Set. 

Screenshot 20210913 234940 Chrome



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