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FOUR needle spiking incidents reported in one night in Watford

Herts Police are investigating reports of four young adults suspected of being spiked with a needle while out clubbing. 

The trend has been occurring up and down the country.

One women was in Walkabout believed she had been spiked, while the other two people were in Pryzm.

Carter, One of the victims shows marks on their arm (Posted on social media)

Kelly Currie, who picked up her son Carter after she was made aware of his condition at Pryzm nightclub, shared the photo and her story on social media.

Please please be aware that my son, Carter Currie was SPIKED in Watford last night. Not only was it bad, it was done with a needle!

I’ve never seen him in such a state!E

specially when he’d only had TWO drinks!

A number of girls were also taken to hospital after the EXACTLY the same thing….

The police are taking this very seriously, so I hope the fuckin scum that put my lad in an unconscious state are caught and punished!

Then others came forward also claiming they were spiked by a needle recently.

PRYZM nightclub watford

Police say they are not treating the four reports as linked, nor that this is a case of a single person targeting people.

Investigations are taking place with CCTV footage having been reviewed, but no one of interest has been identified currently. “no firm evidence” 

“We are investigating each report fully and also working with bars and clubs to make sure the town continues to be a safe place for everyone to enjoy a night out.

What else is being done to make women safer in Watford?

  • Response to needle-spiking: in recent weeks there has been extensive media coverage on the topic of suspected needle-spiking in nightclubs across the UK, however to date there have been no confirmed incidents in Watford. Chief Inspector Ian Grout said: “I can understand the public’s concern and people are absolutely doing the right thing by reporting incidents when they believe they may have been targeted. We will fully investigate any reports we receive and are also working with bars and clubs to review their security processes, making sure the town continues to be a safe place for everyone to enjoy a night out. By their very nature, these incidents are challenging to investigate and capturing evidential opportunities as soon as possible is absolutely vital so that if any drug has been administered, we have forensic proof of that. If you or a friend believe you have been spiked, then please report it to us as soon as possible – preferably in person to a police officer in our safe zone on the same night, so we can capture any evidence at the earliest opportunity.”
  • Dispersal orders and extra resources: police officers have additional powers available to them as part of their law-enforcement toolkit, to be used when proportionate and appropriate. An example of these powers are dispersal orders, which mean that police officers can ask a person or group to leave a location if they believe they will contribute to crime or disorder. If the person(s) subject to the order fail to leave, they will be arrested. In addition, extra resources in the form of a patrol car to monitor all night-time activity in the town centre will provide further back-up for officers already patrolling on foot.
  • Ask for Angela: this widely-publicised campaign is already well-established in Watford, with a large number of the town’s venues signed up to the scheme. It offers anyone who is on a first date, or who is being made to feel uncomfortable by another person, the chance to discretely ask bar staff for help in getting to a place of safety. A full list of participating venues can be found on the Hertfordshire Constabulary website (opens in a new window).
  • Operation Advisory: Hertfordshire Constabulary’s annual education campaign serves as a reminder that sex without consent is always rape, whatever the circumstances. More information on the work being done countywide can be found on the constabulary’s website (opens in a new window).

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