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Facebook group community group out of hand say local residents

A year after our experience and hence our article was written in February  2018, yet it seems it is still continuing to go on.

mynewsmag has on Tuesday 27th August 2019 published a new story on the Abbots Langley Matters facebook group.

12 months later and the leader of Three Rivers District Council and Abbots Langley Parish councillor Sara Bedford has been again blocking, and sometimes removing people from Abbots Langley Matters because of the opinions they express on the social media site. 

MyNewsMag exclusive revealed that One resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “Everybody is having issues with the site, it’s getting ridiculous. She acts like she dominates everything, and I totally believe it conflicts her councillor status. 

“We can’t have adult discussions about local issues, and you would dare to have a Conservative or Labour opinion otherwise you’re out. She doesn’t have the authority to dictate what people can or can’t say – she’s not the Facebook police.” 

Another resident commented: “It should be called Lib Dem Matters or Sara Bedford’s Opinion Matters because she will shoot you down and even block or remove you if you have a different opinion.”

We would add that this is exactly what was happening over a year ago.

You can read more of users/members comments on their article



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