met police vehicle

The lockdown rule-breakers were spotted at 2am as loud music came from the venue and the party was live-streamed on Instagram

Following a tipoff, officers raided a party of 30 people in the bar at a restaurant. There was loud music, alcohol consumption, and the gathering was being live-streamed on Instagram.

Officers issued 30 fixed penalty notices for breach of Covid regulations, and the owner of the restaurant could face a £10,000 fine. The venue’s alcohol license is now under review by local council.

Temporary Chief Superintendent Louis Smith, North West BCU Commander, said: “The fact that this breach of Covid regulations happened within the same 24 hours as the Mayor of London declaring a major incident is as shocking as it is disappointing.

“Millions of people have stuck to the rules from the outset, but a minority of people who are breaching the regulations continue to set back our return to normality.

“Officers are still dealing with emergencies whilst also attending breaches of Covid regulations.

“I would appeal to the public to not be swayed to attend parties or gatherings that they may see happening on social media – if you breach these regulations, you risk prosecution, but more importantly, you risk putting your family and friends in danger and placing even more pressure on the NHS.”