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Coronavirus Cycle Cops patrol Watford log excuses by flouters


👮🏻‍♂️ Your Team B Special Inspector and Sergeant have been out supporting their team and locals this weekend. 👮🏼‍♂️

We’ve been patrolling our public places to ensure residents are socially distancing as well as responding to lots of other 101 and 999 calls.
Incidents today from our early turn(7am-4pm) in Watford alone included; multiple calls on COVID breaches, a Robbery with GBH level injuries, domestics and multiple welfare checks on residents following calls from concerned family members. This is all while officers are out providing extra visibility and reassurance to residents. 👮🏿‍♂️👮🏻‍♀️

No photo description available.
🚲 They have cycled 37 miles over both days attending multiple immediate calls as well as interacting with the public regarding COVID-19 guidelines. 🦠

Here’s what they did on Saturday night alone:

1. Cleared hundreds of people from Cassiobury Park who were not out for essential exercise or were meeting with persons outside of their household

2. Assisted the NHS in landing 2 Helimeds bringing much needed staff to assist at a Critical Incident declared at Watford General Hospital

3. Attended a neighbour dispute in North Watford

4. Resulted in a domestic incident between a couple in Cassiobury Park

5. Attended a care home in West Watford that was being targeted by nuisance youths

6. Arrested an offender in West Watford for assault

7. Cleared numerous members of the public who were drinking alcohol in the Town Centre contrary to Government Guidelines

8. Went home and then came back to do it all over again on Sunday night.

🆓 Specials give up their downtime for FREE to help their communities outside of their ‘day job’. Many are still helping whilst working elsewhere, some are assisting more regularly whilst they have some extra time, and others have been supported by their employers who are paying them to join their local teams full time whilst we are facing increased demand. ⬆️

🚨 As you can see, we are dealing with policing the new Government Guidelines whilst also attending other incidents. Do your bit and stay at home so that we can continue to do so. 🏡

Some of the responses we have had today whilst moving people on included;

– “I don’t care if I get sick or spread it, that’s not my problem”
– “We don’t live in the same house but we’re standing 6ft apart when we kick the football”
– “I’m driving because I need to use the car wash, I’ve got bird poo on my car, and this car costs 90grand”
– “But I’m bored at home”
– “I’ve travelled from London to get some paint”

👏 BIG thank you to all our Specials for volunteering to keep Watford safe! They are all key members of our policing family. 👏



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