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Coronavirus COVID-19 antibody tests

The test detects your body’s response to the virus or vaccination. 

It does tell you if you currently have COVID-19, for that you will need to do a lateral flow test.

People booking a NHS PCR test will also be given the option to take part in antibody testing.

Who is eligible to receive the test

Depending on your job and where you live, or if you’re part of an antibody research study or survey.

In England you can register for a test kit if you’re 18 or over and you work in paid adult social care.

In Ireland there is wider coverage for those who work in primary care (for example a GP, pharmacist, community nurse, dental nurse or optician)

About the antibody test kit

The test is a ‘fingerprick’ blood test which checks for coronavirus antibodies.

The test kit is posted to you. It comes with everything you need. You take the test and post your sample back. Then you’ll get your results.

Register for a test kit

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