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Contestant from Herts in Beauty Pageant Finals

Marcie Reid is currently representing Hertfordshire in the grand final of a national beauty pageant being held in Liverpool on 20th November 

The 26 year old Hot Red head sure is a strong contestant, previously winning the Bikini Athlete of the Year award.

Marcie Reid, bikini, beauty, pageant, competitor.
Marcie Reid a beauty pageant competitor.

Marcie writes “It’s finally here, I can’t believe we’re in November already?! I’ll be stepping on stage in just 19 days which feels so surreal!

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Marcie is also supporting Women’s Aid in her lead up to the final and has helped raise over £2,500.00 so far for the charity in her time as a Miss Intercontinental UK finalist.

Months and months of coaching and preparations and it all ends in just over two weeks 🤯 almost 2 years has been spent as a missintercontinental_uk finalist and I’ve loved every minute of it🤍 


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