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Update 26/12/2017 :  Laura Plummer has been Jailed for three years after she was caught with nearly 300 Tramadol tablets.

Reacting to news of her imprisonment, Laura’s sister Jayne said she was “devastated beyond words” .

Laura Plummer, from Hull, was arrested after flying into Cairo with nearly 300 tramadol tablets and some Naproxen in her suitcase, the Sun reported.

Omar Egyptian husband
Laura visits her husband Omar two to four times a year (Image: Facebook)

Her family told the paper she brought the painkillers for her Egyptian husband, who she visits two to four times a year and who has a bad back.

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Laura is pictured with her sisters Rachel Plummer and Jayne Synclair

Laura is being held in a 15ft by 15ft cell with 25 other women with her family spending £10,000 on legal bills.

But she was stopped at Hurghada airport as she jetted in for a fortnight stay with Omar – who she sees four times per year.

She was carrying 29 strips of 10 tramadol tablets to ease back pain Omar suffers following an accident.

Family members told the Sun that Miss Plummer, 33, signed a 38-page statement in Arabic thinking it would lead to her release, but instead she has been kept in a cell with 25 other women for nearly a month.

He said his sister just thought she was doing a “good deed” by bringing the medication over to her husband, and said she will be “completely out of her comfort zone” in jail.

Mr Plummer said his mother and sisters have travelled to Egypt to visit Laura following her arrest on October 9, adding: “They say she’s unrecognisable. When they seen her, she’s like a zombie, they said.”

The Foreign Office said it was supporting a British woman and her family after her detention in Egypt.

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