blue story 2019

A BBC-backed gang movie filmed in London which features footage taken by WatfordLondon, has been banned from Vue cinemas following a mass brawl involving youths armed with knives and machetes outside a screening in Birmingham.

The Showcase cinemas at Nottingham, Southampton, Reading, and Leeds won’t schedule any viewings.

Blue Story is a adaptation of a grime artist Youtube videos which explore gang culture in the capital.

Carla French, of Southampton, said: “So now not only Vue Cinemas stop the blue story by Rapman, now the showcase cinema de lux in Southampton have? Don’t think people understand how hard he worked for this movie for it to be taken away. Bloody stupid. Gutted I won’t be watching it tonight.”

Families queuing to watch the opening night of Frozen 2 at the cinema were horrified when a fight between three girls escalated into major disorder at 5.30pm. 

Seven police officers were injured as they arrested five teenagers and used Tasers to clear a crowd of up to 100 people from the cinema, which was then closed for the night.

Police said they were “met with a very hostile response” and had to draw their Tasers to restore order.

They arrested a 13-year-old girl, a boy and girl aged 14, and a 19-year-old man.

Two machetes and a knife were found by officers at the cinema, which reopened on Sunday.


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