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5G mast goes up during Lockdown2 in Watford

This follows the putting up of another mast during the first lockdown less than a mile away in Kingswood Watford.

The video was taken on the 6th, just 1 day after lockdown 2 started.

The application for the new 20metre high 5G monopole mast in Ashfields Watford, Hertfordshire, was granted by Watford Council on 1st Nov 2019 and know as mast 55.

“I am able to confirm that the prior approval of this Authority for the proposed development is required. In this instance I am able to advise you that the approval has been granted.”

The officers report states that ‘Letters were sent to 191 properties within the surrounding area. One letter of objection has been received stating “Concern over health to nearby local residents.” Health issues are not a planning
consideration providing the international ICNIRP guidelines are met.’

A plan to build a 20-metre-tall 5G phone mast in Bushey was thrown out by a council after hundreds of people campaigned against it.

According to data from EE, the main usage of its 5G network has been video streaming and social networking. EE’s increasing expansion of its 5G coverage comes in anticipation of Apple’s rollout of the iPhone 12 with 5G compatibility.

5g plan drawing
MBNL Technical Plan submitted

The mast has been installed by MBNL, EE and Three networks.



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