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Ambulances and Police called to the infamous width restrictions of Worst Road in Watford

Emergency services were called after a driver was injured and a car was seriously damaged at a 6 post width restriction.

A woman was taken to hospital.

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Car with wheel ripped out and unable to move needed a recovery vehicle. (Photo credit Tim Vigor)

This was the fourth caught on the ring doorbell today at the controversial width restrictions in Woodmere Avenue.

The video was removed from the group at the request of the family, and comments disabled due to inappropriate comments.

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A car bumper goes flying off hitting a nearby house

It has also come to light that pedestrians could be hit with debris, after footage reveals a car bumper flying through the air for several metres.

A police spokesperson said: “A female in the vehicle attended hospital as a precaution.

“The two other occupants of the vehicle, a man and a baby, were assessed by paramedics at the scene but did not require hospital treatment.

The incidents have been going on for a few years, more recently a regular videos on facebook to highlight the issues. The videos started going viral and became featured in mainstream news all over the globe.

Hertfordshire County council have yet to find and implement a solution to the despair of those who live at the location on Woodmere Avenue.

Conservative MP Dean Russell, raised the issue in parliament and called for “urgent changes”. 

“Even with an abundance of signage, drivers knowing the exact width of their vehicle and travelling at a safe speed, accidents will still happen unless the posts are changed.”

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On September 21, council officers visited the location to discuss concerns with Tudor and Meriden county councillor Stephen Cavinder, along with residents, following a request by the councillor.

Cllr Cavinder says does not believe the current width restriction work, and suggests the width restriction is taken away and cameras are installed instead to stop prohibited larger vehicles from using the road.  The Vigor’s are also keen to see cameras instead.

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The bollards are surrounded by broken glass and car parts.

Video of our visit in 2019

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