Thirteen more images released in relation to disorder in central London

Detectives investigating the violent clashes in London at recent demonstrations have released 13 more images of people they want to speak to. This includes people who we believe have engaged in racial abuse and serious violence against members of the public and police officers, and also violent disorder.

Commander Alex Murray, said: “Two days ago (Thursday, 18 June), we released the images of 35 people we want to speak to in relation to violent disorder seen at a number of protests this month. We are now releasing the images of a further 13 people we need to speak to. The behaviour of the people whom we now wish to identify is abhorrent, including highly offensive racial abuse to other members of the public and officers.”

Detectives have been carefully analysing hours of CCTV, body worn video from officers, as well as footage which has been widely circulated on social media. 

Thirteen more images released in relation to disorder in central London

Video footage from all the recent demonstrations is being closely reviewed, to ensure those who have committed offences are identified and are brought to justice. 

These are part of an ongoing investigation and there is a high likelihood we will again be circulating further images in due course.

Commander Murray, added: “The vast majority of people who have attended the recent protests made their voices heard, and then left. However, a minority have attended with the sole purpose of attacking, abusing or violently confronting fellow protesters, detracting from the cause of their protest.

“We saw violence against police officers including verbal and racial abuse which is absolutely appalling. They do not come to work to be subjected to this. They come to work to keep Londoners and their families safe. Similarly, those people who wanted to have their voices heard and protest should not be subject to violence from others.

“Whilst investigations are underway to identify those we suspect of being involved in these offences, we ask members of the public to make it clear that they also will not tolerate such behaviour by helping us to identify these individuals and report anyone they recognise in the pictures. Information on how to do so is available below.

“Thank you to those who have already helped to identify people from the images. Thank you also to those people who have actively challenged other protesters to stop them being violent and abusive.

Anyone with information can contact the investigation team on 020 8246 9386 or Tweet @MetCC on Twitter. Alternatively, you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. 

We’d also appeal for everyone to use their influence to proactively spread the message ahead of upcoming protests, that violence, abuse and causing harm is unacceptable, and detracts from the purpose of the demonstrations.

If you have footage of the violent clashes which could assist detectives in their investigation, please sent it to officers by visiting:

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