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Unlawful arrest

Hertfordshire Police pay unlawful arrest claim of £29,000 to man falsely accused of breaking an officer’s leg

In March 2017 Ajmal, had been out watching a 6-nations rugby match with some friends in a Watford bar. He had drunk a few beers and and forgot his coat but bouncers wouldn’t let him in and it got argumentative. Officers in Town came over and he was escorted to Watford train station. Feeling a bit ashamed of his behaviour Ajmal was happy to do this.

When the officer’s returned his property, he noticed that some of his cash was missing. He raised this with the officers, and blocked them as they tried to leave.

One officer then grabbed Ajmal from behind and attempted to carry out a judo-style throw, but it went wrong due to the weight of Ajmal and the officer fractured his leg near the ankle.

Police charged Ajmal with GBH, a very serious charge that if found guilty could face a long prison sentence. Even though body-worn video footage recorded the injured officer saying at the scene: “He’s not done this. It’s a result of us trying to take him to the floor. It’s not a GBH”.

Police and Crown Prosecution Service continued to prosecute him for over 18 months. It still found it’s way to Crown Court wasting more TAX payers money. A Jury found him not guilty.

Ajmal instructed Andrew Frederick to represent him with a claim against Hertfordshire Police for assault & battery, false imprisonment, and malicious prosecution. As is usual, however, the police denied liability which is disgusting behaviour they do so often, can’t accept their mistakes and blunders. Like they did with Mr Usher (article here).

Amjal wished the officer well and hoped that he has made a complete recovery.

He suffered 18months of thinking that he may got to prison for something he hadn’t done.

If it hadn’t been for the CCTV and officers’ body-worn cameras, injustice could easily of happened.

Finding a lawyer

Find a Legal Adviser is a searchable database of solicitors’ firms who have contracts with the Legal Aid Agency to undertake civil claims against public authorities (including the police and prison service). 

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