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Help with Sustainable Energy in Watford Borough

THE 2020 results of Watford’s biggest ever public consultation on the sustainable future of the town show that over 94% of respondents want to reduce their carbon footprint and 88% of people support the council’s 2030 net-zero carbon target.

Energy companies in the Top 20 Carbon Polluters in the UK.

The challenge of climate change with the need to reduce greenhouse gases and reduce the CO2 levels in the atmosphere has intensified.

There is now a comprehensive range of legislation and policy at various scales which supports the development and implementation of decentralised renewable and low carbon energy policy and targets. (PDF download)

Green Homes Grant

Homes with low energy ratings (EPC’s) anywhere in the borough earning less than £30,000 could benefit from free external wall insulation, air source heat pumps, solar panels, loft and underfloor insulation.

All residents, regardless of income can also apply for grants and interest free loans for energy improvements.

If you are interested call 0800 107 0044, visit the website, or email addition, the council is supporting additional grants and loan options regardless of income.

Home Energy Incentive

Letters sent.

  • Leavesden Road – 2,000
  • Kingswood Estate – Over 850
  • West Watford Area – Over 3000
  • insulating has started in the Harebreaks

Carbon Reducing

The council also provides incentive grants and loans to Watford residents regardless of income.

Homes with low energy ratings (EPC’s) – anywhere in the borough earning less than £30,000 could benefit from free external wall insulation, air source heat pumps, solar panels, loft and underfloor insulation.

  • Subject to conditions some interest-free loans are available towards remaining costs for some measures (after all other subsidies and grants) and are based on 50% of the installation cost.Maximum of £5,000 per household and a minimum loan level of £1,000.
  • May be issued for subsequent qualifying works at a later date up to the maximum per household of £5,000.
  • Subject to a fee of 8% added to the loan works amount.  The loan and fee are placed as a charge on the property, repayable in full at point of disposal (sale or change of ownership).  The loan may be repaid in full at any point during the term.
  • Cavity wall insulation
  • First time heating
  • Heating controls
  • Loft insulation
  • Air source heat pump (or other renewables)
  • Replacement boiler
  • Room in roof
  • Solar PV (only offered in specific project areas)
  • Solid wall insulation (only offered in specific project areas)
  • Storage heater
  • Underfloor insulation
  • Party wall insulation


Watford Community Housing plans to build sustainable carbon neutral homes as suggested since partnering up with neighbouring Hertfordshire housing associations forecasting to spend more than £11 million over the next nine years.

But Steve Woodcock, chief executive of B3Living is looking for someone with technical skills and experience to do the job.

BRE innovation. Watford

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