Cassiobury Park Country Show - 26th and 27th August 2018

Cassiobury Park Country Show - 27th and 28th AugustSunday and BankHolidy Monday

The country show with many stalls and shows, something for everyone.



This bank holiday weekend the Suffolk Country show landed in Watford's cassiobury park.


Cooking demonstrations focusing on quick meals for families with teenage kids.

Julie Foster a chef with Quintessentially British Classic Events in Cassiobury ParkJulie Foster a chef with Quintessentially British Classic Events


Fun Fast Dinner Party cooking that has to inexpensive for families with teenage children.


She says "if you can't get that meal ready by the time it takes to make a sandwich, their not interested and so it's got to be fast.


Sunday she was demonstrating how to cook up Popcorn with budget chocolate, bananas and then chef let helpers come use chefs blow torch with toffee.


On Monday a celebrity will be there in the Morning cooking.


One stall has reptilian lizards and another with Birds of Prey


Birds of prey

Birds of prey in Cassiobury Park Karsten FalconryK&H Falconry pic by Wayne


Experience Electric Hover boards.

Watch the Bike stunts, or dog shows.



Cassiobury Park Hub Drone Video Footage view

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