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Carter’s Fair announce 2022 Final Tour year to still visit Hemel Hempstead and Croxley Green

The owners shared on social media

📣 A message from Joby Carter:

It is with a heavy heart that I am making this announcement today. After much consideration and research, we have taken the decision that this tour will be our final tour. We are looking for a permanent home and a new owner for the fair.

When John and Anna Carter, (my parents) started the fair in 1977, they wanted it to be for the many and not the few. They were passionate about preserving fairground history at a time when other showmen were chasing the latest styles and innovations. In 2000 dad sadly passed away after a 12-month battle with cancer. His meticulous attention to detail and premium values are the legacy that defines us as a family and as a business today. Thanks to the support of the extended Carters family and our loyal fans, the fair has become much bigger than my dad could ever have expected. But with great success comes great responsibility.

As private keepers of heritage, we have invested thousands of hours over the years to ensure that these rides could be enjoyed by so many. We have spared no expense on restoring these rides to the condition they once were when they were new, even painting by hand and using real gold leaf. We are so proud to see this unique bit of British fairground history being enjoyed by our visitors.

Croxley welcomed the annual visit of Carters Famous Steam Fair for 2017 drone view
View from the above – September

The interest in the fair and its unique artwork has never been higher. We had a bumper year in 2021 with over 100,000 visitors and we expect to see even more visitors as the 2022 tour will carry on as planned.


Boxmoor Common

10th – 12th June
17th – 19th June


The Green

10th – 11th September

They have been looking for suitable land for the fair to be placed on and have talked to the council and other landowners around the UK. As a family run business with expertise in restoration and travelling the fair, we have done our best to familiarise ourselves with the endless details of planning laws, highway regulations and heritage and culture grants. But it is an enormous task that we simply cannot do alone. We are now facing the reality that the best future for the fair is for it to be re-homed on a permanent site and operated by someone else. I’m confident that the next owners can share in this success but for us as a family, it’s time to pass the baton and let someone else continue the magic.

We are always so amazed by the support we have from our fans: your loyalty and enthusiasm is always incredible. You can help us by sharing this post so we can raise awareness and help the fair find its forever home.

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