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Murdered man Vishal Gohel killed in ‘honeytrap’ set-up

A man in Bushey was murdered in his home in after being set up by three women in a “honeytrap”, a court heard.

Vishal Gohel, 44, was found dead with gaffer tape on his face at his flat in High Street, Bushey, Hertfordshire, in January.

The jury at St Albans Crown Court was told he had been promised a sexual liaison with the women before three men burst into the property.

The male defendants all in their twenties are: Tevin Leslie, 21, of Hurst Street, Brixton, London, Sakeen Gordon, 20, of Uxbridge Road, Ealing, Brandon Browne, 21, of Laburnham Road, Rochester, Kent.

Mr Gohel was found dead at his upstairs flat by his neighbour, the court heard

The female defendants are: Tiana Edwards Hancock, 18, of Fresh Wharf Road, Barking, Yarley Georgia Bruce-Annan, 20, of Harts Lane, Barking, and Faith Hoppie, 21, of Blake Avenue, Barking.

Prosecutor Charlotte Newell QC said: “The female defendants created a honeytrap.

“They promised him a sexual liaison that never happened.

“It allowed them to give entry to three men from London, so they could burst in and take Vishal Gohel unawares and rob him of his belongings.”

The prosecutor said a post-mortem examination showed Mr Gohel suffered severe blows to his head with internal bruising to his scalp, eyes and jaw and brain damage.

She said efforts had been made to clean up the flat and an iPhone and an iWatch had been taken.

All six charged deny murder and manslaughter. They also deny conspiracy to rob on or before 23 January.

The trial continues.

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