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Buncefield Oil Depot hit by Protestors

Hundreds of supporters of JustStopOil blocked BUNCEFIELD oil terminals and 9 other sites across the country with potential on fuel supplies to London and the South East.

UPDATE: Another 30 plus protestors at 3am April 3rd.

Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion blocked Buncefield Oil Depot in Hemel Hempstead,just before 4.15am Friday (April 1).

Blockades in UK with JustStopOil

🛑Esso West London
🛑BP Hamble
🛑Hythe Terminal
🛑Grays Inter Terminals
🛑Navigator Essex
🛑Purfleet Terminal
🛑Buncefield Depot Hemel
🛑Kingsbury Terminal
🛑BP Depot Tamworth
🛑Esso Birmingham

Here is Cameron telling us why he decided to take this action.

According to herts police, 17 people were arrested so far and it is planned that 10 more will also be arrested once safely removed.

Superintendent Sue Jameson said officers faced a “challenging situaiton”.

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