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Breaking: Large Wildfire rips through field in Watford

The fire which is still being checked has been halted from hitting homes and a caravan site.

A farmers field has been almost completely destroyed by the wildfire in Tolpits Lane at around 4.30pm.


Twelve fire appliances called to out of the fire

A Funfair at King Georges V playing fields closed and evacuated the area.

Firefighters Wildfire heatwave

During the 34C heatwave in most of England which has been declared a drought.

Trees Burnt dangerously close to the main road.

Thd road was closed off to traffic whilst fire engines where everywhere. The air was filled with thick smoke.

Firefighters Wildfire heatwave

Herts Fire Rescue Service are still busy at 7:30pm

It could be seen over from Croxley Green, some thought it was the moor alight.

They did an excellent job and containing the fire.

Sean Duffy, who shot the footage of the field with his drone, said he could not believe how quickly the fire spread.

Hertfordshire Police said this evening: “We are currently assisting the fire and rescue service at the scene of a large fire in a field behind Tolpits Lane in #Watford.

“Road closures are in place and we advise people to avoid the area.”

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