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Bosleys Watford

Bosleys Watford for let after owners decided to permanently shut

The bar and restaurant venue located on the Parade in Watford.

It originally opened on August 4, 2016, the former pub being Yates.

But last month in February, the venue had closed up shop, it’s social media activity has been quite with facebook page vanished, and the fluorescent signs have been taken down.

Bosleys Watford
How Bosleys Bar looked

A spokesperson said: “Our lease has come to an end and the building has been returned to our landlord.”

But it is said that it shut because the landlord didn’t renew the lease, it wasn’t the owners of Bosleys that decided to shut it.

High priced high street rents up in the region of 120k per year have seen more businesses choose online options if possible.

Why they have not renewed is a mystery but probably another struck hard by the pandemic.

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