Teenage girl and a woman arrested in London for 'preparing to travel to Syria to join Isis'

Teenage girl and a woman arrested in London for 'preparing to travel to Syria to join Isis'UK HATERS

A teenage girl and a 20-year-old woman have been arrested in London on suspicion of 'preparing to travel to Syria to join Isis'.


Anjem Choudary finally CONVICTED


A record number of arrests of females suspected of terrorism in year to March.


In a statement, Scotland Yard said: “Officers from the Met Police Counter Terrorism Command arrested a 20-year-old woman and a 16-year-old girl on suspicion of preparation of terrorist acts, namely travelling to Syria to join a proscribed organisation. 


“They were arrested in central London at approximately 2100hrs on Sunday, 21 August. Both were taken into custody.”

Official figures show that a record number of females have been arrested in 2015/16 as part of a counter-terrorism crackdown. There have been a total of 36 arrests in the 12 months to the end of March. 

Rising numbers of youngsters are also being detained, with under-18s the only age group to see a rise in the number of arrests year-on-year - increasing from eight to 14.


It comes a week after British schoolgirl Kadiza Sultana, who fled the UK to join ISIS in Syria, was killed by an airstrike in Raqqa. and after another arrest in Brent.


Miss Sultana, 17, is thought to have died earlier this year after her home in the terror state's stronghold city was hit by a bomb believed to have been dropped by a Russian plane.


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