Congratulations to Rachel who won the Miss Herts Finals

Congratulations to Rachel who won the Miss Herts Finals Photos by Photographer Wayne Usher

Luton girl Rachel crosses county border to scoop title


Wayne Usher at Photos4uk was originally contacted by the Miss Herts / England Team. He was also one of the judges in the Semi Final.


He told them about Models4uk site and they emailed Elle and Rachel. And now rachel has won. Well done.


So a note to those who have not bothered going on the site. If your not on our books or site, then you will miss out. Wayne of photos4uk also got the Channel 5 work. Thanks to those that actually answer their moblie phones or phone back in.


Hail to the Queen of Hearts

The official Queen of Herts is Rachel Roper, from Lewsey Farm, who won the competition on Sunday night.


And now she will go forward to challenge for Miss England in September.


The 21-year-old says she was gobsmacked when she heard her name called out but had an excellent time. All by chance she was contacted via her model page on


As well as the Queen of Herts crown Rachel also won a modelling contract, a gym membership, a two-day TV presenter course, a photo shoot with a celebrity photographer and much more.


Rachel will also be helping the Pasque charity with fundraising events so keep your eyes peeled for her in the future.


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City : Luton
Height : 5 ft 7 in (170 cm)
Weight : 121 lb (55 Kg)
Bust : 34 in (87 cm)
Waist : 24 in (61 cm)
Hips : 36 in (92 cm)
Education : Bachelors degree 
Occupation : Self-employed 
Hobby : Modelling 

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