Public consultation to help avoid future flooding catastrophe

Public consultation to help avoid future flooding catastrophe

Residents have been invited to take part in a consultation on flooding in the county.


The county council is currently in the early stages of reviewing the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy for the period 2017 – 2027.


Flash Flooding caused many issues in Hertfordshire and london back in May and June


Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) have a duty to ensure that the publicly maintained highways are in a safe and usable condition with Long term solutions and preventions of flooding include the use of kerbs, gullies, pipes, and resurfacing roads to prevent standing water.


The county council is reviewing the county’s Local Flood Risk Management Strategy and wants to hear the views of people about this area of its service. This consultation is open until Friday 30th September 2016.


Working alongside a number of organisations, the council has responsibility for tackling flooding in Hertfordshire, which can include advising residents on practical measures they can take to protect themselves and their property.


Derrick Ashley, cabinet member for environment, planning and transport, said: “The strategy helps us and other organisations to manage the risk of flooding. We only have limited resources so it’s important to hear from people what they think we should be prioritising when we investigate flood incidents.


“We’re continuing to lobby the Government for additional funding and powers to tackle flooding and hope the results of this consultation will help us make our case.”



The following timetable is being adopted for the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy Review:

Issues and options consultation - July to end of September 2016

First draft of strategy - Late 2016/early 2017

Consultation on draft strategy - Second quarter 2017 

Adoption of strategy by the council - Fourth quarter 2017



Hertfordshire Local Flood Risk Management Strategy SEA Scoping Report

Appendix B Issues and Options Consultation Document

Hertfordshire County Council Local Flood Risk Management Strategy 2016 Issues and Options Consultation Response Template


In 2012, the county council put together a draft Local Flood Risk Management Strategy for consultation with the wider public.  The consultation ran from 18 June to 7 September 2012.


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