Watford MP Richard Harrington to meet Sadiq Khan to Fast Track Met Line Extension

Watford MP Richard Harrington to meet Sadiq Khan Fast Track the Met Line Extension

Watford MP Richard Harrington will meet Sadiq Khan to try and move forward the Met Line Extension


Richard Harrington, MP for Watford, has secured a meeting with London Mayor Sadiq Khan, along with David Gauke MP, to put forward his idea that will make sure the Metropolitan Line Extension goes ahead.


Met Train heads from Croxley To Watford


He will meet with Sadiq Khan on 13th October 2017 where he will ask the London Mayor to get on with the job of delivering the Met Line Extension, by suggesting that TfL take over the management of the track from Network Rail as a way forward.


This would guarantee significant funding for the project by generating private investment, whilst also saving the taxpayer money.


Whilst under the management of Transport for London, but London Mayor Sadiq Khan is yet to deliver on his promises, despite significant investment from the Department for Transport and local stakeholders.


In 2015, Richard Harrington, MP, secured Government funding for the £284 million Met Line Extension project, which looks to connect the Metropolitan Line up to several stations in Watford.


In a private meeting, Richard Harrington told Chris Grayling MP to put forward his suggestion that TfL manage the track and Mr Grayling thinks it’s a great idea that will bring in private investment and progress the project.


Sadiq khan has recently published a report supporting more private investment in the railways.


The Watford MP said:

“I just want the London Mayor to get on with the job of delivering the project and TfL taking over responsibility of the track is a clear practical solution. This will generate significant investment in the project, at no further cost to the public purse!


"I see no reason why the London Mayor would not agree to this." Chris Grayling MP and he thinks it’s a great idea.


I look forward to discussing this with Mayor Sadiq Khan in October and finally moving forward with the project.”



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