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UK ISP's forced to conform to Big Brother Snooping on British citizens comes into Law

UK ISP's forced to conform to Big Brother Snooping on British citizens comes into Law

The UK's Investigatory Powers Act is now in effect from 30 December, placing Britain under some of the widest-ranging spying powers ever been in place.


Many of the most invasive spying powers in the uk bill haven't yet gone into force. That includes, for instance, the collection of those ISP Internet Connection Records, which has been postponed until the government and internet companies have worked out how they can collect such information safely.


But it know also includes the ability to enforce collection the browsing records of everyone using interner devices in the country and have them read by authorities as diverse as the Food Standards Agency and the Department for Work and Pensions.

The Snooper’s Charter requires internet, and phone communication companies to store records for 12 months and allow authorities or law enforcement officials to access them on demand. This includes social media (including apps like facebook, Snapchat and Whatsapp) usage history.

The government wreckon that the powers introduced in the bill are necessary to allow intelligence agencies and police to stop modern crime and prosecute the people involved in it.


There is a loophole to stop being traced by ISP's which is to use Virtual Private Network Software or TOR Browser, or TAILS Linux as mentioned by Snowden, you can scramble your usage location data.


Private browsing is accessible via VPN Private Networks, IPVN, IPVanish and Tunnelbear, among others. They usually come as a subscription service, often costing less than £20 per year to £5 per month.


The new law, presented by now PM Theresa May when she was Home Secretary, was largely backed by the Tories, some Labour MPs and opposed by the Lib Dems.

People who aren’t quite ready to give up their online privacy can potentially get around the bill via this loophole.

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