AUDI S5 overturned by a small Ford Fiesta in collision of Cars near Hollywood Bowl Watford

Two Cars Written off in Crash near Hollywood Bowl Watford

Two Ambulances, Five Police cars attended an overturned car after a serious collision in Watford on Sunday Evening.


At around 11pm Herts Ambulance Crews were called to attended a Road Traffic collision on the A405 North Approach..




An expensive high-performance Audi S5 was on its side, with the drivers door caved in from the impact of the other car.


The smaller Ford car had the front end squashed and unrecognizable as a bonnet.


Audi S5


A witness who was at the Hollywood Bowl Leisure Park was first on the scene.


He said a man and his son were in the car and that's his dad in the grey top by the ambulance.


They were both in here earlier, he pulled out very quickly.


The son was attended to in the Ambulance. The father waited outside by the car.


The smaller Ford car had the from end squashed and unrecognizable as a bonnet. The £50,000 S5 with personalised plates might not be a uneconomical write-off but could come in at a CAT-S


The current Cat A, Cat B, Cat C and Cat D classes will be replaced with the following:

Cat A: Scrap
Cat B: Break
Cat S: Structurally damaged repairable


Temperatures were 0 degrees that night.Microsoft Weather app


Temperatures were 0 degrees that night. Ice had formed on Car windscreens. It is unknown if ICE may have been on the road and a contributing factor.



Local LibDem Councillors Tim Williams and Steve Cavinder at the A405.


They have been campaigning Watford and Herts council for lower speed limits.

The stretch of A405 between Woodside Leisure Park and St Albans Road has a 40mph limit, but Cllrs Steve Cavinder (Woodside) and Tim Williams (Stanborough) say this is often ignored, putting both drivers and pedestrians at risk.


Police have not commented yet and hope to get an update.


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